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Sonata Di Mare Weekend Brunch

Sonata Di Mare Weekend Brunch

Dive into a Mediterranean-style seafood celebration with Sonata Di Mare, the unique weekend brunch menu at Italian restaurant Cornerstone. Enjoy lobster, octopus and rarer delicacies including winkles, conch and Asian hard clams, in home-style Italian dishes served buffet-style or cooked to order as mini-dishes or mains. And add a splash of celebration to your meal with homemade beverages or unlimited servings of wine. The festive buffet features an additional selection of Christmas dishes and desserts perfect for sharing with someone special at an exceptional end-of-year dining experience.

● Venue: Cornerstone (2F)
● Period: 
November 2 – December 29, 2019
● Time: 
Weekend, Christmas, 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM
● Inclusions: 
Appetizer, seafood and dessert buffet
                    + mini-pass arounds and main dish
                    + homemade drink or free-flowing sparkling red or white wine 
                    + a cup of coffee/tea
  *Special item will be offered on December 25, 28, 29

● Price: Adult KRW 105,000 / Child KRW 50,000 per person
  *Festive season (December 25, 28, 29)
   Adult KRW 120,000 / Child KRW 60,000 per person
● Inquiries: 02 2016 1220 • 1221 or 02 2016 1234
                     Online Reservation

※ Price includes 10% VAT and no service charge applies.

Cornerstone Cornerstone


Home-style Italian Restaurant offering exquisite Italian food and beverages

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