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signature cake

signature cake

Park Hyatt Seoul presents signature cakes, including tropical fruit yogurt mousse, seasonal fruit cheese tarts, red bean malcha cake and black sesame chocolate cake. Express your gratitude to your loved ones with our signature cakes featuring smooth and rich flavours created by using premium ingredients.


● Price: Tropical fruits and yogurt mousse cake  KRW 40,000
              Seasonal fruits cheese tart                     KRW 40,000 
              Red bean malcha cake                           KRW 43,000
              Black seasame chocolate cake               KRW 45,000

● Reservations: 02 2016 1220 • 1221 or 02 2016 1234

※ Reservation is required at least three hours in advance.
※ Prices include a 10% VAT. No service charge applies.

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