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Lunar New Year Gift Set

Lunar New Year Gift Set

Park Hyatt Seoul’s Cornerstone presents "Lunar new year gift sets". Consisting of special items created by Park Hyatt Seoul’s chefs using the highest quality ingredients, the gift sets offer a variety of selections, including signature meats, Worak-Mountain honey, marinated ASC Wando abalone, bonui chestnut, bone marrow soup ideal for family get-togethers and more. Show your appreciation to your loved ones with one of our Lunar new year gift sets.
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● Venue: Cornerstone (2nd floor)
● Period: Until January 27, 2020
● Orders of more than ten items will receive 10% off.
● For orders of more than ten items, a 50% deposit are required when ordering as per below schedule.
- 10 ~ 20 items: Five-day advance order required
- More than 20 items: Seven-day advance order required
● Inquiries: 82 2 2016 1220 • 1221 or 82 2 2016 1234

※ Price includes 10% tax. No service charge applies.

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