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Homemade Signature Bingsoo

Homemade Signature Bingsoo

Park Hyatt Seoul’s The Lounge, which features unique and tasty bingsoo throughout the year, proudly introduces a new selection of special bingsoo.

The new menu, ‘Makgeoli bingsoo’ features premium Makgeoli, Woogokjoo ice flakes, ‘Mango Bingsoo’ features ice-milk flakes layered with mango coulis, fresh mango. The hotel’s beloved ‘Honey Bingsoo’ features natural honeycomb from Worak Mountain. The traditional ‘Pat Bingsoo’ features homemade organic sweet red beans. A ‘Bingsoo combination’, an offer of two bingsoos of your choice is also available.

All bingsoos are served for two people, and extra toppings are served on the side.

● Venue: The Lounge (24th floor)
● Date & Time: May 5 ~ September 30, 2017
                        Everyday 11:00 AM ~ 11:30 PM  
● Price: Makgeoli Bingsoo        KRW 40,000
             Honey Bingsoo            KRW 37,000
             Mangso Bingsoo          KRW 37,000
             Pat Bingsoo                 KRW 33,000
             Bingsoo Combination   KRW 44,000

● Inquiries: 02 2016 1205 or 02 2016 1234

※ Prices include 10% tax. No service charge applies.


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